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7 Best Content Marketing Platforms For An Effective Strategy

“Content is everything.” At least, that’s one variation of the saying each website owner adheres to. But in the ever-changing landscape of content marketing, content distribution is a close runner-up to the content itself. Organizations must invest in effective content marketing by leveraging various content marketing platforms as competition becomes more fierce. How fierce? 47% of companies plan to grow their […]

How Shipment Notifications Can Improve Your Customer Experience

How Shipment Notifications Can… Technology has brought about some amazing changes. We have at our fingertips more… 3 Post-Purchase Marketing Strategies That Boost… Post purchase marketing is the promotion and branding activity that takes place… WISMO Calls: What Causes Them and How to… By the time a customer calls you for an update on their […]

AI Neural Networks Boost Industrial Safety 2023

Workplace safety is an operational, financial, and moral imperative. But industrial accidents are distressingly common. And unfortunately, many plant managers shy away from safety technology due to concerns over productivity. Thankfully, emerging technologies like AI neural networks and computer vision will enable industrial safety solutions that protect workers without negatively impacting production. Download AI Neural […]

The Next Experience Revolution

We’ve moved 15 years into the future from the early 2020s. Back then, AI was making it possible to deliver intelligent, real-time personalisation, at scale. The AI that matters now is your own private Agent, which filters and curates your digital life, and beyond. Your Agent shops. It suggests holidays. It recommends financial services. It […]

(WHY) Understanding Customer Sentiment Is Key To Creating Better CX

What do your customers want? Understand them without them explaining it all to you with sentiment analysis. Need to get up to speed on sentiment analysis in CX? NICE and SSON have the cheat sheet that lays out the hows and whys. Download our Report “(Why) Understanding Customer Sentiment is Key To Creating Better CX” […]