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Scaling the Digital Summit

Digitally mature companies make bold moves with sure steps. Ensure your business is ready for whatever’s on the horizon. Learn how to maintain a digitally mature mindset to increase workforce buy-in and provide an unbeatable customer experience. Digital maturity creates opportunities to… Get exclusive data that addresses critical topics such as: Get Started

Interactive product drop checklist: 9 steps for a successful drop

Discover how to generate hype, deliver on demand, and set your drop up for success. When done right, product drops are a powerful sales and marketing tool. They transform your products from something you wish customers would buy into something your customers wish they could buy. This 9-step checklist covers the key decisions and actions […]

Driving Success Through Employee Experience

In today’s dynamic work landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the employee experience. When organizations provide employees with the right technology, they create a work environment that’s less stressful, more supportive, and conducive to autonomy and creativity. Microsoft Surface devices are designed to adapt seamlessly to the diverse ways people work—elevating the employee […]

Commerce for any place and every device.

Five ways brands are bringing commerce to their customers. Until recently, brands spent a lot of time waiting Like a fisherman on a lazy summer afternoon, they focused on creating the perfect bait. They updated store displays or added content to their websites and waited for customers to appear. They relied on advertising to drive […]

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing: What’s the Best for Your Business?


Marketers use various strategies for firms to market and raise brand awareness. Social media marketing and email marketing are two of the most popular and successful ways to accomplish marketing objectives. Both are magnificent in their own ways. As of 2021, there were around 3.78 billion users of social media and 4.1 billion users of […]