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A Prescription for Medical Devices: Embedded Edge Computing

When the team at Dysis Medical wanted to develop smart medical devices that would help physicians detect cervical cancer more easily, they knew they needed a powerful computer to run the underlying software. While computing power was key, Dysis also needed a machine small enough to be wheeled into consulting rooms. The Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computing) checked off both requirements perfectly, says Jonathan Smith, CEO of Simply NUC, Ltd., a company that customizes embedded mini-PC solutions for its clients.

Today, physicians use NUC-powered Dysis colposcopes, devices used for detailed cervical examinations, to thoroughly map the cervix. Cervical mapping highlights lesions that traditional manual examinations might miss, a critical factor in early detection of cancers. The imaging platforms—Dysis View and Dysis Ultra—help physicians determine treatment options with greater confidence.

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