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MEASURING SOCIAL IMPACTA Guide for Grantmakers and CSR Professionals

As you work to advance social good, measurement is...

Choosing a Grants Management Software to Support Trust-Based Philanthropy

You care about running a trust-based grantmaking program. But...


In 2011, DMEa deployed RingCentral MVP across its entire...

MARTech Team

We are global marketing support and inside sales company that enhances the business performance of B2B organizations through data, quality and lead generation solutions.


Why your supply chain is brittle: an eye-opening white paper for consumer brands

As the world continues to shift and market demands continue to fluctuate at unprecedented rates, it’s becoming critical for your supply chain network to stay ahead of the curve. In a volatile consumer market, competition for brand recognition and product uptake is fiercer than ever.

HFS-top 10 process intelligence products

Process intelligence has surged this year as enterprises realize the critical role operational understanding plays in driving success across key strategic business initiatives such as workflow automation, analytics, operational excellence, experience, and compliance.

Guide to brand tracking research

quantilope's Guide to Brand Tracking Research provides a framework for how to create an effective brand tracker and how to leverage automated tracking for real-time results.

4-tips to improve linked in advertising campaigns

Few channels are more effective than LinkedIn for B2B Marketing.Advertising in LinkedIn allows for incredibly precise audience targeting and segmentation based on location, job...

Cultivating customer loyalty

From 1890, the year attributed to the quote above, the world view has undergone massive shifts in all spheres of life. Interestingly, the view regarding customer being the ‘purpose of work’, has only become more widespread.

Top 10 mobile marketing campaigns every brand needs

A fundamental rule of marketing has always been to meet customers where they are. That expectation has only increased today, with the average consumer spending over 5 hours per day on their phone.

Creating a better on-demand strategy for your webinars

What makes for an effective webinar program and how can your webinar program be planned to deliver significant revenue? In today’s digital-buying world,a strong...

Exit CRM. Enter CXM. why customer experience is the key for business success?

We live in an era where acronyms are a sign of expertise or the next big tectonic change in technology. From a marketing perspective CRM was an acronym that resonated for almost 2decades.


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2022 CDP Market Guide

89% of brands now say they’ve either deployed a...

The Enterprise Guide to Audience Segmentation

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Using AI for demand forecasting & inventory management

Increase Earnings, Reduce Risks and Improve Production Efficiency Every business...