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Branding Company Makes Big Investment In New Environmentally Friendly Balloons


Brand Republic is pleased to announce an increased level of investment in the production of new environmentally friendly balloons. The business is aware that their clients use printed balloons for a wide range of purposes including events and functions. However, they also understand that balloons are not typically safe for the environment with billions of balloons used annually.

Now the business is aiming to disrupt the market by investing heavily in manufacturing balloons made from natural materials like latex.

Latex is a biodegradable, natural substance that does break down in both sunlight and water. When exposed to sunlight, the degradation process increases; however, micro-organisms will attack the rubber, even in dark locations.

According to Brand Republic, typically once they have burst or deflated, balloons can stay in the environment for decades and will often end up in waterways. This is not the case with the new environmentally friendly balloons the business is investing in.

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