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Getting eCommerce right in the 2020s.

How retailers can delight and convert shoppers online.

For retailers across EMEA, the last two years have been tumultuous to say the least. From lockdowns to supply chain disruption and mounting awareness of the climate crisis, the world and its shoppers have been forced to transform—and every fresh disruption has brought new challenges to grapple with.

But the flipside of challenge is opportunity. Today’s consumer has new expectations, higher appetites for eCommerce and accelerating digital savviness—and for retailers who can respond in kind, there are new customers to be won and loyalty to be cemented.

The key to doing so successfully? Being armed with insight about the ‘how, when, and why’ of online shopping in the coming decade. Because as this year’s consumer research shows, retailers who get eCommerce right can expect to enjoy big rewards.

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