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MarTech Interview With Emmanuel Cohen, Head of Marketing at Walnut


Hi Emmanuel, please tell us a little about your role at Walnut and how you arrived here.

I’m Head of Marketing at Walnut. Formerly, I was Head of Social Media and Blogs at Wix, where I had the fantastic opportunity to manage the social side of 5 Super Bowl campaigns, among other things. My background is very oriented toward building powerful brands. That’s why my team invests a lot of effort in creating memorable (and I hope, lovable) content. Our brand is the heart of Walnut’s marketing.

What is Walnut, and how does it fit into a modern CMO’s Marketing Technology stack? What does your ideal customer profile look like?

Walnut enables marketing professionals to use interactive and personalized product demos as an integral part of their sales and marketing assets. They can embed demos on their landing page, send links to their demos in their newsletters, or even create product tutorials to encourage new feature adoption. We use Walnut for all these purposes but also simply for fun – you can find some Easter eggs created with Walnut on our About Page.

If you create gated demos (meaning, you require an email from visitors to see your demos), Walnut turns out to be a very useful tool for lead capturing.

Most importantly, Walnut allows you to collect insights to optimize your marketing. You can use this data for lead scoring, product optimization, and more.

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