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Orangetheory is focusing on marketing over brand-building to reinvigorate, grow membership


Early on in the pandemic, many fitness brands had to completely retool their offerings, moving classes online and finding ways to keep consumers tuning in. Over the last year or so, many of those same brands have had to completely reverse course and work to get people back into studios.

Orangetheory is among those brands.

Orangetheory reworked its business and marketing efforts to keep pace with the pandemic — offering at-home workouts and rolling out content for its YouTube channel, for example — and the company has had to do so again, this time to get people to return to in-person classes. Prior to the pandemic, the chain was more focused on overall brand-building rather than performance marketing to get people in studios, explained Orangetheory Fitness CMO Kelly Lohr, adding that with the shifts in behavior, Orangetheory is now focusing more on marketing the studios than brand-building. 

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