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Using AI for demand forecasting & inventory management

Increase Earnings, Reduce Risks and Improve Production Efficiency

Every business looks to find new ways to increase earnings, reduce risks and improve production efficiency. And the first steps to this are managing inventory and forecasting demand.

This new report, created by Findability Sciences, explores the processes that helped achieve those goals, with their existing clients.

In this 6 page report, you’ll gain insight on:

  1. The Problem

Trying to optimize vast product portfolios with traditional methods is difficult. Stock-outs that adversely impact fulfillment or excess inventory that results in high warehousing costs are a cause of concern.

  1. The Solution

Learn what kind of custom solutions can be developed,what they can offer, and how these offerings evolve during the different phases of development.

  1. The Success

Discover the massive gains in forecasting accuracy, stock-out reductions, and their direct and indirect effects on revenue benefits.

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