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Why is Brand Marketing Important? 5 Reasons Why You Really Do Need It


Until a few years back, branding was limited to its aesthetic component. It was determined that, unlike marketing, branding is about the visual identity of a business, that is, name, logo, design, and packaging, among other things. Some people also confuse branding and marketing, using these terms interchangeably. In reality, while both branding and marketing come under the same umbrella, they serve different purposes. And the concept of branding is more than just being an aesthetically appealing element.

In a nutshell, branding is about creating one unique and awe-inspiring profile of your business. It aims to create a long-lasting impression on the consumers and help them identify what the brand stands for, but also because it differentiates a business from its competitors. Branding allows a company to represent its values, principles and vision—a characterisation of how it wants to be perceived in the public eye and in the marketplace.

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