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Marketing automation teams mired in execution, neglecting strategic priorities


A recent study of senior Marketo managers reveals their marketing automation teams are small, highly productive and focus predominantly on executing campaigns. Nearly 75% of respondents said they execute more than 30 campaigns in a year, and 74% said they manage a team of 0-3 employees. The focus on executing campaigns means strategic priorities, like […]

How Community Banks Can Use AI to Improve Sales and Marketing


Adopting artificial intelligence can be daunting for community banks and credit unions, so it’s important to identify key use cases and start from there. Here are some tactics that have led to blockbuster results for smaller financial institutions that have deployed AI in their sales and marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become […]

Orion Supercharges RIA Marketing Tech Suite with the Launch of Redtail Campaigns


Orion Advisor Solutions announces the launch of Redtail Campaigns, the industry’s first CRM-centric advisor marketing suite. Powered by Snappy Kraken, an industry-leading marketing platform tool for financial advisors, Redtail Campaigns builds upon Orion’s legacy Market*r tool, empowering advisors and firms to drive new business and deepen client relationships through hyper-personalized marketing campaigns launched right from […]

Why marketers need to jump on the AI bandwagon


Marketers are standing at a precipice when it comes to strategy and automation. Advanced systems are seen as the next step in marketing, but for many businesses, the concept is still uncharted territory. However, those who don’t adopt the rapidly advancing technology into their marketing plans will quickly be at a huge disadvantage. According to International Data […]

Why marketing automation is essential to realise growth


Marketing automation, powered by machine learning, enables brands to reach people wherever they are in their omnichannel consumer journeys. But not only that; it delivers relevant creative while using less granular data to provide user privacy, and – importantly – optimises performance and drives profits. “Marketing, as we know, is all about making meaningful connections […]

Post-Pandemic Leads: 4 Trends Every Operator Must Know


In 2021, the average senior living sales team generated 61.2 new independent living leads per month. Meanwhile, the best sales performers generated just 50.2 new leads per month. This might seem counterintuitive, but the conversion rates show otherwise. In independent living (IL) in 2021, the best sales performers converted 7.0% of worked leads compared to the median […]

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