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How a new type of analytics is helping financial services companies connect the data dots.

It’s the first of the month, and you have some bills to pay. You log in to your bank’s website but get an error message when you try to make a payment to a new payee. You nitiate a query on a live chat function, but the chatbot keeps referring you to an FAQ guide. You don’t have time for this, so you pick up the phone to call an actual human being. Alas, your bank isn’t yet equipped to follow your journey from digital to call centre and you have to start from the beginning. It shouldn’t be this hard to make a payment, you think – and this, coupled with a longer chain of frustrating experiences, also makes you think about switching banks.

Today’s consumer has no time or patience for this kind of friction in their banking experience. Retail banks, insurance companies and wealth management firms alike must forge deeper relationships by coordinating every interaction across all channels, digital and offline, to gain a more complete understanding of the customer and deliver competitive and customised experiences.

Thankfully, the latest data collection technology allows you to use advanced analytics to unify data across all touchpoints and create frictionless and personalised experiences in real time. Rich customer profiles that are updated in real time with cross-channel insights can help businesses identify the customers that move from digital channels to a call centre in a single session, and why.

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