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AI Neural Networks Boost Industrial Safety 2023

Workplace safety is an operational, financial, and moral imperative. But industrial accidents are distressingly common. And unfortunately, many plant managers shy away from safety technology due to concerns over productivity. Thankfully, emerging technologies like AI neural networks and computer vision will enable industrial safety solutions that protect workers without negatively impacting production. Download AI Neural […]

A Prescription for Medical Devices: Embedded Edge Computing

When the team at Dysis Medical wanted to develop smart medical devices that would help physicians detect cervical cancer more easily, they knew they needed a powerful computer to run the underlying software. While computing power was key, Dysis also needed a machine small enough to be wheeled into consulting rooms. The Intel® NUC (Next […]

SIs Find New Prospects with Industrial Asset Tracking

There is a saying that you don’t know what you don’t know, and when it comes to factory automation in industrial operations, not knowing where your assets are can leave your company vulnerable. Fortunately, new technology advancements like AI and powerful edge computing can provide the informed decision-making you need. Whether you manage a factory […]

Using a Hyperscaler in an Edge AI Project? Read This First

WISMO Calls: What Causes Them and How to… By the time a customer calls you for an update on their order, it’s too late. Where Is… 3 Post-Purchase Marketing Strategies That Boost… Post purchase marketing is the promotion and branding activity that takes place… What is the best Shopify Order Tracking Solution… If you use […]

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