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Change Involved In Moving To Software-Defined Platform Operations


Companies in every industry are moving down the path of software-defined platform operations. It’s happening across the board, especially at the functional level. And for good reason: companies realize they can achieve their objectives much quicker and more effectively than with the previous model of process-driven operations. This inevitably creates enormous change throughout an organization. […]

MarTech Interview With Emmanuel Cohen, Head of Marketing at Walnut


Hi Emmanuel, please tell us a little about your role at Walnut and how you arrived here. I’m Head of Marketing at Walnut. Formerly, I was Head of Social Media and Blogs at Wix, where I had the fantastic opportunity to manage the social side of 5 Super Bowl campaigns, among other things. My background is […]

Why we care about data-driven marketing


Data is the lifeblood of digital marketing. With so many B2C and B2B purchase journeys passing through digital touchpoints, there have never been greater opportunities to collect customer data at an enormous scale. Data creates opportunities to optimize and personalize customer journeys, driving conversions and reducing churn. But the data needs to be good, clean, […]

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