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Turn Complaints into Business Opportunities with Enlighten AI

Consumer complaints have high stakes for companies, particularly those in regulated industries such as financial services. Complaints can affect an entire organization, from risk and compliance to customer service, marketing, and more. 

Enlighten AI streamlines complaint management programs by identifying and classifying every interaction that contains a complaint and automating a closed-loop remediation and reporting process, Organizations can prevent future occurrences of complaints by uncovering product, process or skill-based issues that lead to dissatisfaction.

Automate Every Step in Your Complaint Management Program:

  • Identify: Consistently and accurately identify, classify, and report on complaint risk for every interaction.
  • Remediate: Automate remediation workflows by complaint type and track resolution.
  • Prevent: Reduce future complaints by diagnosing the root cause, prioritizing mitigation actions and tracking progress period.

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