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Commerce for any place and every device.

Five ways brands are bringing commerce to their customers.

Until recently, brands spent a lot of time waiting

Like a fisherman on a lazy summer afternoon, they focused on creating the perfect bait. They updated store displays or added content to their websites and waited for customers to appear. They relied on advertising to drive traffic they hoped would convert into sales.

But a growing number of brands aren’t waiting for customers to come to them. They’re bringing commerce to their customers, wherever those customers are. They’re adding digital shopping touchpoints and marketplaces while making the buying experience more relevant. And customers are responding. A Harvard Business Review article found that 73 percent of consumers already use multiple channels to shop and research purchases.

The bottom line for consumer brands? If you don’t bring commerce to your customers, someone else will. This eBook looks at five ways brands are reaching new customers by making commerce more accessible than ever before.

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